3rd Kid or Not? I Mommy-do

May 27, 2019

It’s so funny because when I was in my twenties, I told my husband that I wanted five kids. Bahaha. Flash forward to now having two, there is no way I could handle five. For those moms who have five, WOW, you impress me. So now that we have two, the debate is..do we have one more? Three would be my max, but my question to myself is… can I even handle three? I started to write down thoughts and questions in my mom planner:


  1. Do I want to be pregnant again?
  2. Do I have the patience?
  3. Are we financially able?
  4. Will I be able to spread my love and care evenly?
  5. Will I be able to keep up with all the activities and school requirements?
  6. Will I go insane?
  7. What the heck kind of car do we get?

I’m obsessed with our kids, and given my ability to have kids, I think about a third child often. But I am nervous, I am not going to lie. I just started to get my body back slowly, I am finally sleeping through the night and we have a solid routine going on. We could potentially be out of diapers this summer for good and the kids are a good age apart. If I had another baby, the age gap would be more which would potentially mean different schools as well. Am I completely overthinking it? Could be my type A, mom planner personality taking over my thoughts.  I know there are some parents who wouldn’t think into it so much and go based off emotion. Which don’t get me wrong, I am completely emotionally connected to this thought as well.


So now that I probably freaked you out as I did myself, I promise there are the emotional and feel great factors to this process as well. I listed out all my worries or fears in my mom planner and now its time for the fun and exciting thoughts!!  I think about the fact that I am obsessed with our kids. Yes, it can be hard, but hard comes here and there and the good parts last forever. The amazing moments of being a parent is what I will never take for granted. The fact that my kids gave me life. They showed me a love I never knew existed.  I love each phase for different reasons and when I think about my kids growing up, I get happy yet sad. Happy because I know there is always going to be another phase I’ll love. Sad because I want to hold on to their innocent, cuddly, loving moments as much as I can.

to have a 3rd kid or not

Seeing their love for life and the joy they get out of new adventures and the things they learn. The “ah ha” moments and endless laughter and giggles. The times my son throws a toy airplane in the air because he thinks its going to fly and says “see that” with a huge grin on his face. Or the time my daughter draws a sun for the first time and tells me “this painting is going to be sooo awesome”and shows me how proud she is. I love that. I love that I taught them many things they know and that they are my kids, my family, my life. Its amazing to see their love for each other as brother and sister. And how no matter what they are best friends and no one will come between them. My daughter is so protective of her little brother and is so proud that she is his big sister. Its amazing.

I think about the fact that we are a unit and there is nothing better than family. And as we grow together, we will be each other’s support and life.  We will have great family gatherings, dinners, traditions and holidays. We will celebrate each other and go on adventures to experience what life has to offer. And for that I am ready to have baby #3.

The Joy of Having Kids


Does that mean I just decided? Haha. Just kidding. Obviously, I need to read over my mom planner, think over the questions, emotions, feel good factors and financials etc. What I can say at this moment is that no matter what, I am so blessed to have the kids I have and the family that we created. To be continued…..

Mom tribe… We would love to hear your feedback, thoughts or current experience if you have it on baby #3. I have read posts for both sides and am excited to see what our readers have to say. Feel free to comment on our blog or send us a message on social media 😊

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