5 Reasons you will want to get outside with your kids NOW!

December 11, 2018

Benefits to playing outside with your kids:

Does anyone else remember their parents telling them “Go play and come back when it gets dark”?! I remember playing outside with all the neighborhood kids and only coming back for food and water until it was dark. Yes… I know.. times have changed. We are a little more scared these days to let our kids be alone outside. I agree with that. HOWEVER, we can at least help the situation by making plans to get outside with our kids!

There are so many benefits to getting outside:

  1. Time to get creative. We start using our minds and invent games or ideas of how we can have fun outside. I can count the number of toys that I owned on one hand. Now a days, houses are filled with toys. Instead of spending money on toys, save that money for a trip to an outside adventure with the family!
  2. Vitamin D. Ahhh that vitamin that everyone talks about these days…Vitamin D. Seems like almost everyone I know these days lack Vitamin D. Easy solution….get outside. Yes, you should still be safe with sunscreen but 10-15 minutes outside can help you if you are deficient.
  3. Feel happy and less stressed. Seeing nature and greenery can automatically boost your mood. Breathing in the fresh air, seeing sunlight and beautiful plants tends to put a smile on our faces and boost our energy. So many stay at home moms have reported that they feel unhappy or are stressed out. So if getting outside can help reduce that.. why not push for it, right? Not only that, kids tend to have less tantrums when they spend quality time outside.
  4. Get your body moving. When outside, it can make exercise or just moving your body around a whole lot easier. Reduce the risk of childhood obesity and help your kids learn a healthy lifestyle from the start. We all need to move our bodies and if we can do it daily, even better! Oh and by the way… when we move our bodies it tends to help with better sleep patterns. It’s a win-win!
  5. Kids can experience several different sensories when outside which is huge for developmental milestones. Let your kids touch dirt, pick up rocks, feel different plants, smell the flowers… the list can go on and on. Teach your kids how to appreciate nature and how to care for our world from a young age.


Use our Mommy-do Lifestyle Planner to actually plan time outside daily and keep yourself accountable by checking it off. Schedule adventures not only in your area but explore beyond that with your family!

You got this Momma!

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