Is Zen even possible during the holidays?

November 21, 2018

5 Tips to a happy & healthy holiday 

The Answer is Heck YES! I know, it might seem impossible to actually enjoy the holidays when you are running around like a crazy person.  But the truth is, you can have your Zen and eat your cake too :0…. I mean you can be happy & healthy too.

The reality is…

The choice is yours.

Here is where we can help momma!

We aren’t going to let you try and think on your own since your brain is already filled with 5 million to-do’s

Let’s start with the first step. Stop. Breathe. Think. And GO!


Whip out your handy dandy calendar and write down your plan for the month so you know what is coming and what you need to prep for. Most likely, everyone has already sent you an invite/evite for what’s to come this holiday season. We all know you probably have had those evites sitting in your inbox for quite some time. Open them and start filling in that calendar.

Mommy-do Lifestyle Planner Calendar 2018 2019Mommy-do Lifestyle Planner Calendar 2018 2019

Do not over commit

One piece of advice… Do NOT over commit. You will not be happy if you over commit. It will only stress you out. Time to learn how to put you and your family FIRST.  Two:  Choose to spend time with those that are good for your mental health not time with those you are dreading to be around.  

To-Do Lists

 Stop and think about what you need to do and write it down in your daily planner. Stop overwhelming your brain with five million tasks and start with your top 3. Do this all day every day. Work smarter, not harder. Be productive so you can do the fun DIY projects you wanted or you can attend that ugly sweater party your neighbor is having.  

Don’t Over Do it – this is not a competition, ask for help. Get your family involved in your to-do’s. Time to let go of your OCD and let other people help. This will give you back time to breathe and start to enjoy the holiday season.

Mommy-do Lifestyle Planner I To-Do Lists


One of the highest pain and stress points of the holiday season can be the spending. Write down your budget in your planner and try to stick to it. Refer to your budget sheet often so that you can keep yourself on point. Your budget can involve everything from the food you are buying for your holiday parties to the presents and traveling. Don't let money play a role in your happiness this holiday season. 

Mommy-do Lifestyle Daily Planner I Budget Sheet

And Yes you can get away with some pretty awesome holiday decorations and presents DIY style. Not so creative? No problem….   Throw a neighborhood party to get some DIY stuff done! Throw a few crackers and some cheese, good company and everyone will be happy to get involved. There are some pretty awesome DIY videos online that help you step by step. And don’t forget… the Dollar Store is AHMAZING during this time.

Feel Zen, be happy.

Want to feel good everyday during the holiday season? Easy. Start your day with thoughts of gratitude in your daily planner. You can also join us in our gratitude challenge, download our gratitude printable to help you get started or write it in your daily planner.

Our gratitude printables have a really cute and fun calendar to do some “feel good” things daily. You can involve you kids in the process so they can also learn to appreciate what they have; their family, friends and life. It’s a win-win.

Mommy-do Lifestyle Planner I Gratitude Journal Challenge  

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