Live happy and healthy with these 6 tips

November 26, 2018

Healthy tips for the entire family 

  1. The choice is yours
  2. Importance of discipline & routine
  3. Building a healthy lifestyle
  4. Inspiring others

I can’t tell you how many times mom’s come to us asking how they can build and/or maintain a long term healthy lifestyle. How can we eat better and stay healthy? What do we eat? How do you keep active and how do you involve your kids? We are all trying to keep up with the busy demands of mom life and just life in general. So how can we possibly be healthy being so busy?

Did you know….

“More than 35% of adults are overweight or obese, and childhood

obesity is affecting 32% of kids. With obesity a leading risk factor

for heart disease and stroke, this epidemic is a serious public

health issue that must be addressed.”-

I will tell you this over and over again in every single blog post I write.

You can do it! The choice is yours.

I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I said it was all easy. Building and maintaining a happy healthy lifestyle takes discipline, it takes work. However, once you get your discipline going and you have a routine it becomes easier and easier to stay healthy.  

Let’s start with you. Being a positive role model is the most important in this lifestyle. If we start with you, it will be easy to translate this lifestyle into your entire family. Once you master your discipline and routine you will then be able to help others build that same lifestyle –inspire.

The Preggers Pantry

Managing Stress

Pay attention to your stress. Managing your stress is a big part of your healthy lifestyle. Take a deep breath and get everything out of your brain. All those to-do’s, shopping lists, activities for the kids, gatherings etc. Write them down in this order:             

  1. Calendar- Write down all of your plans in the calendar, important events and high level activities that need to occur.
  2. To-do’s- Write down your list and prioritize that list. Now take your top 3 from that list and start there. Do not try to do more than 3 until you finish those 3. Get your family members involved in your to-do lists if the list is overwhelming.
  3. Schedule- Get your weekly or daily plan and write down the details that you have from your calendar.

Now breath again and let go of all those thoughts in your brain and only refer to them as needed in your daily planner.

Mommy-do Daily Lifestyle Planner for Buys Moms on the Go

Practice daily deep breaths when you are feeling overwhelmed. Stop your brain from thinking in overdrive. Once you stop that process and work step by step you will be able to will start to feel that stress lift from your shoulders.

Stuck in a rut and having trouble taking time for physical activity? Get Unstuck.

It’s all in your head. If you want to achieve something, you will. Constantly putting thoughts in your head such as: I can’t, I have too much to do, the kids will make it hard on me…. Is putting negative energy into the air and in your body. Stop, breathe and take the time to be positive about what you want to achieve.

Stay Active

I’ve heard so many mom and dads out there complain about getting their bodies back and weight loss. Yes, it’s great to have a body that is in shape, but the overall goal should be about good health. How can we achieve good health and, in the process, obtain that body we desire? Regular physical activity whether its 15 minutes or 60 minutes daily should be the goal for the entire family. Trust me, you will achieve your overall goal if your goal is to get active daily to stay healthy versus obsessing over your body and how it looks. The stress alone of looking at your body and being dissatisfied is unmotivating and it may deter you from achieving anything at all.

Mommy-do Daily LIfestyle Planner I Healthy LIfestyle

Keep each other accountable or you can keep yourself accountable with your daily planner.

A few ways to keep active are to take a walk after dinner or after breakfast. Doing some stretches or yoga inside with the kids. Play tag or jump on the trampoline together. Go on a family hike. Ride bikes. You can do it! Switch off screen and get active. 

Healthy Eating Habits

As busy parents on the go, this can be on of the most challenging piece to building a healthy family. We eat 3 meals a day and with kids that includes about 5 millions snacks 😉.

But as I said before and you will hear me say a million times, it can be done. The choice is yours.

Let’s start with one of the most important pieces of being successful in eating healthy, meal prep. Yes, meal prepping is HUGE. And although it might seem like a lot of work, it’s not.. It saves you time, money, energy and stress. Put the energy up front and the entire week will be filled with healthy choices without having to think all day every day about what the heck to feed everyone. Winning! You can try meal prepping today with our printables or start the process weekly in your daily planner.

Mommy-do Daily Lifestyle Planner I Meal Prep

Start your meal prep over the weekend by thinking about the meals you want to have throughout the week. Involve your kids and husband in the process and have fun with it. Here is your chance to get creative! As you are selecting your meals, keep all the food groups in mind: fruits and vegetables, dairy, nuts, grains, beans, proteins, etc. and try to remove the processed foods out. Anything microwavable = gone, packaged and ready to go = gone, snacks that are packaged = gone, sugary items= gone.

Check out our favorite recipe blogs if you need some healthy food choices:

Raw Guru

Monaco- 10 Anti-Aging Foods

City Moms Blog Network- 20 Recipes for the Summer

 Food for Health Podcast

Overnight Oats

Once you complete your meal plan for the week, create your shopping list and go shopping! If you have little ones, take them with you and talk about the different fruits and veggies out there. This way they also get used to the process of eating healthy foods and get excited about it.  

Cook your meals together and let them be involved in the process of picking the ingredients to putting them in a bowl or pot before you start cooking. Kids love to help. They will be proud of helping and be more inclined to try different foods and what they made. Family meals are important. Eating together and involving each other in the process will build a stronger healthier relationship.

Another way to get your kids involved and get excited is to plant a garden of fruits and veggies. You can research which vegetables and fruits are the best to plant for each season and decide to start from a seed or a smaller plant. Water and feed the plants daily and talk about the different pieces of a garden; caterpillars, bugs, bees, fertilizer, food, organic versus not organic, compost, etc.

Choose water as your drink of choice

Did you know..

“Children and teenagers who regularly drink soft drinks and

 other sweetened drinks are more likely to be overweight.”-

Get into the routine of always carrying water bottles around with you. Make an investment into nice water bottles and you will be sure to keep them close 😉 We love our Hydroflasks. They keep our water nice and cool, easy to fill up and carry around. Our kids were able to choose their colors and add stickers if they wanted to. Everyone was excited and happy about the process.  

Not a big fan of water? Make it fun with healthy infused water. There are so many great recipes out there to make hydration a good experience for you and the entire family.

Spending quality time as a family

A few other important factors are spending quality time as a family. That means putting away your phones and actually engaging in play or the adventure you are on. Ask each other questions and listen to their responses. Remember what they say so that you can refer to those conversations later. These are the moments that mean the most. You will see your children’s faces light up as you continue to foster this type of engagement.  


Building a healthy lifestyle for the entire family can be challenging. Especially if you are not used to that type of lifestyle from your childhood. But anything is possible. Utilize our resources and printables to help you along the way and refer back to our blog posts for recipes, ideas and more. You got this momma! We believe in you! Create the lifestyle you always wanted today and make it easier for your kids to maintain that lifestyle as they continue to grow up.

Mommy-do Daily lifestyle Planner I Free Printables

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