March 08, 2019

Since its international women’s day, I thought it would be appropriate to write about a MOM weekend away with your girls!! Because why not lift each other up in a weekend away. 

Every mom works hard and needs guilty free girl time away from the family. Time to sit back relax knowing the kids are in good hands. Spending time with some of the most important women in your life, not caring about looks, having fun sitting doing nothing at all or chatting up a storm and drinking wine.


I feel pretty lucky because I have those friends that go waaaay back. I’m talking back when we barely knew what eye cream was or were having our first kisses…and guess what… the beauty of knowing someone for so long is, I can say or do just about anything and we both know they are stuck with me for life… Bahahaha. Of course, the same goes for them. (*Wink emoji*)  

We have been in different phases where we have judged each other, been bitchy, ditched one another, cried to each other, hugged hard with lots of love, had wild fun nights and now wanting to spend a weekend drinking wine, doing yoga and making face masks. It’s awesome. No matter what, we come back together to support and love one another. These are the girls I don’t have to talk to every day because we know shit is hectic. These are the girls, when we pick up and see each other, it’s as if we have been chatting every single day. I love that we can be open and honest with each other knowing that any of our talks, even if they happen to be difficult, are always out of love. We cry laughing at the stupid shit we used to do and smile in amazement of how each of us became these beautiful young successful women.


Now, I know not every momma has girlfriends that go way back. And that is OK. Yes, you might have to put in a little more effort to find those girls. Be patient. They will come. BUT they wont just show up at your door. Some mom dating must happen:

Mom Dating: [mom]. [deyt-ing]

  1. The act of scoping out mom’s you might mesh with at a park, school, store (wherever) and getting their DIGITS.
  2. Texting them, hoping they like you. Waiting patiently for a response.
  3. Setting up a play date successfully with a mom you don’t know.

 Yes, this process is effing annoying and sometimes a up and down roller coaster. There might be days where you want to throw in the towel and give up. Be patient, my dear. It will happen. And when it does, you will be so happy you stuck through it. Every single mom needs girlfriends! Girlfriends we can vent to, talk shit about other people to (haha, we all do it.. come on), stick our kids in a play room and cry, laugh or just drink wine (whatever works). We work hard as mom’s and love the shit out of our kids and significant others…but sometimes we need our space, our “me time” or “us time”. And space gives us time to refresh and come back as better momma’s and wives. It’s crazy how even ten minutes of normal adult conversation can make a day change for the best.


Anyway, back to my girls. We have a girls weekend coming up and I am pretty excited to get away and have zero responsibilities. No packing snacks, making five million meals and getting crazy toddlers dressed. No picking up toys, doing laundry, creating fun activities or having a play date. No one to join me in the toilet while I go pee or banging on the door as I take a shower. It’s funny because as I write this, I automatically have this split personality. I know I will miss the shit out of my kids and doing all these things (oddly enough). But, I also know its important for me to get away and not do all my mommy responsibilities. What is wrong with me (hahaha).

Mom Split Personality: [mom] /split/  / ,perse’nalede/

  1. Loving the shit out of your kids and everything that involves being a mom while also wanting to run away and have moments in solitude.
  2. Missing your kids while you are away from them but when you are around them, dreaming about your vacation in paradise with your significant other or girlfriends (only).

As I think about my mommy weekend away, my mind goes in five million directions. Do I want to just binge eat a bunch of junk I normally wouldn’t? Or do I want to have a healthy weekend with yoga, green juice and hikes. I know I want to catch up on my celebrity gossip, other gossip and do some face masks. I definitely want to drink some wine and or cider. Going to world market and west elm to decorate my house with amazing planters and accessories also sounds pretty damn fun (lol).  So, I decided to make a list of all the things that sound fun and link up some of my favorite face masks etc:




  • Green Juice and possibly some yoga
  • Cute coffee shop and start some gossiping
  • I guess we could start some mimosa’s too 😉

Afternoon options

  • Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, World Market, etc
  • More gossip or venting over wine…possibly cider (I’m not a beer girl) in a cute little brunch place
  • Eat some fresh salad and amazing food eating SLOWLY and actually enjoying it.
  • Video call my babies, share some cute stories/pics of my kids to get my mommy fix out
  • Layout in the sun with zero interruptions. Possibly take a cat nap
  • Read a book/magazine
  • Get a massage together

Night Options:

  • Cute wine bar OR
  • Drink at home in pajamas depends if we can uber and its close
  • Eat some junk food OR
  • Go to a cute restaurant
  • Face Masks
  • Movie and magazines – definitely popcorn
  • Dance party (why not) I may not have the moves, but it feels damn good to dance sometimes

I guess I should probably just forward this blog to my girlfriends so we are all clear on my expectations for the weekend (lol). What are some favorite things to do for a weekend or time away with the girls?? If its been a while since a girls weekend happened…. , DO IT, schedule it in your planner TODAY! It’s needed, trust me.





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