14 day development challenge

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The fact that you are here checking this challenge out, means that you are an AWESOME momma and that you care a whole lot about your child’s development. We know it can be tough to commit to those developmental goals. Let’s be honest, some of them are fun but some of them kind of SUCK. Ok ok… maybe I shouldn’t say suck…but we know it can be tough to do some of them. Which is why it helps to write them down and check them off!

Kick start with this challenge and then transition over to our Mommy-do Lifestyle Day Planner if you haven’t already done so. This journal will allow you to continue your development goals daily AND we have the first five years of development milestone activities and suggestions in the resource section. You don’t have to research and research..it’s right there for you every day!

“Brains are built over time, but the primary foundations are constructed very early in life. While many factors influence brain development, your early interactions have the most impact – and they include talking, reading, and singing.” – First 5 California


You got this momma!

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