14 Day Get Social Challenge

Mommy-do Lifestyle Tool

“I never knew how lonely motherhood could be”

Does this sound familiar? Getting social is important for not only you but your kiddos too. We yearn for human interaction yet many times in motherhood, we shy away from it. Even if we were social prior to having kids. From mapping out feed/sleep schedules to trying to find a momma that works with your schedule to meeting new friends. Its all pretty dang difficult. But we NEED this in our lives which is why you MUST push yourself to make it happen. Kick start with a challenge to really put yourself out there. Even if it is super duper uncomfortable, do it! Trust us, you will feel reenergized, you will feel happy, your cup will slowly start to fill.

We are all in the same boat so be kind out there and you will find your mom tribe! Kick start with a challenge to ensure you make it happen and then we recommend transitioning to our Mommy-do Lifestyle Day Planner  if you haven’t already done so. This journal will allow you to continue your get social goals daily.

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