Nanny Edition


You no longer have to worry momma!

Our Mommy-do lifestyle planner, daily nanny edition is here to keep you in the loop of just about everything!  

Having a hard time communicating what you want your nanny to do with your child daily? Or just want to be in the know of your child's progress?

Create a daily plan on your own, together or have your nanny create one for you. 

12-week "to-doing" daily undated planner for your nanny. Create a schedule with goals and easily track your nanny's progress with your child throughout the week.

  • Jot down any notes your have for your nanny each day to ensure you do not forget what you would like to discuss with him/her. 
  • Create a weekly meal planner to ensure your nanny is feeding your child all the nutrients you would like your child to eat. 
  • Nanny "to-doing" list for any items you need your nanny to complete for you, create a daily agenda to share a clear understanding of what you would like your nanny to do for the day with your child, goal setting to ensure your nanny knows what your main goals are for your child today or this week. 
  • Create activities or games in the development/ life skills milestone goals section for your nanny and the time you would like them to spend on each area.  Your nanny can circle the status (work on/got it) to let you know if your child needs continuing education in this area.
    • Create a social activity or get outside time for your nanny to ensure your child is getting the exercise, fresh air or socialization daily. 
    • Have your nanny write down their reflection for the week along with any wins or improvements. Feel as if you were at home with your child. 
    • Valuable tools and resources in the back of the book including:
      • Developmental milestone & life skill milestone checklists throughout your child's first 3 years. 
      • Nutrition guides
      • Pediatrician Q & A 
      • Developmental Milestones Memorable Chart
      • Growth Charts
      • and much more...



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